ICTSI is in the business of developing, operating and managing international seaports and terminals around the globe and ICTSI Foundation or ‘IF’ is the Corporate Social Responsibility partner. The Group has been in operation since 1988 and only recently established their Foundation activities, so it is relatively new. The Foundation focuses on youth well-being and environmental protection.

Our job was to create a unique standalone identity for ICTSI Foundation and position the Foundation as the prime mover of ICTSI’s social investments.

The new ‘IF’ logo marks a milestone in its transformative journey embodying the softer, people-centric and environmentally aware side of ICTSI. IF also speaks with a distinct voice that resonates with the aspirations of the Foundation’s beneficiaries, host communities as well as society at large.

Youth Development
What if youngsters had more equitable access: to education and resources…to sports training and competitions…or to social protection?
Environmental Protection
What if there were more—and stronger and broader—partnerships to safeguard the natural environment, to protect forms of wildlife and their habitats, and to restore our forests?
Community Assistance
What if children and teens, along with their families and neighbors, were better equipped and empowered to thrive within their communities…and to continue developing greater resiliency in the face of adversity?
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