Elbow Beach is a beautiful paradise of pink sand leading to a background of dark volcanic cliffs and rocks heading inland. Though predictions vary, it is clear Elbow Beach won’t escape climate change impacts and may one day simply not exist.

Elbow Beach Capital itself serves as a private investment company not just as a name but also as a barometer for the success of their efforts combating climate change. The business is committed to ensuring that every investment made helps to ensure the future of our world and our species through innovative technological advances and robust implementation, spread across both the ecosystems and economies of the world.

CBG came up with their brand identity based on a strong and distinctive brand strategy. Our brand strategy defines their thinking and shapes all communications going forward including the corporate website. The brand presents Elbow Beach Capital as a business that wants to make a positive impact. Enabling companies they acquire to be more sustainable now and in the future. Anticipated rapid business growth over the next few years means that their new identity needed to be future-proofed to allow easy application of the toolkit to new business ventures/services.